Rorschach Inkblot Test

The Rorschach Inkblot Test is composed of 10 cards with ink stains. Each card is combined of different colors and shades of ink. In the test, the participant is asked to answer what they imagine or associate with each of the cards. At the end of the test, psychologists will classify and record the responses and answers, so as to analyze them and thereby diagnose the various psychological characteristics of the participant's personality.

The Arealme team, with the assistance of psychiatry and psychoanalysis students from the University of California San Diego and the University of Queensland, has created ten unique ink-stained cards. We will analyze the four dimensions of your personality based on your answers. Through this test, you will be able to better understand your current mindset and way of thinking, as well as find the celebrity most similar to yourself. Let's try it out!

Instructions For The Rorschach Inkblot Test

If you have not finished the test yet, please read the following instructions after taking the test:

Where your result is located explains your current mindset. The details are below:

Upper-Right Corner: You are intelligent and optimistic, adaptable with strong feelings. You have solid life goals and principles that require integrity in your soul. You are open to learning new skills and are pretty innovative. Your current state of mind is relatively relaxed and chilled. You have genuine expectations for your future life, and can face setbacks bravely no matter what.
Upper-Left Corner: You are friendly and optimistic by nature, charming and persuasive, with a real zest for life. You are very observant, not only when remembering details about others, but also in regards to the full respect their feelings. Your current state of mind is healthy and positive. The constant "attempt and practice" approach will give you more control over your life.
Lower-Left Corner: You are realistic and have a love of research. You are loyal, and you value commitment the most. You tend to fulfill your duties and obligations relentlessly. You are currently under a high level of mental stress. When faced with frustration or anxiety, you are used to enduring and swallowing it on your own. This also stems from the resilient character you have had since your childhood. You are always unwilling to trouble others at heart.
Lower-Right Corner: You value possibility and originality. You always look to the future and aim to have long-term plans. You have a knack for discovering new ways of doing things, making new paths for your thoughts and actions. However, for the time being, you are under a good deal of mental stress: You tend to get deeply involved in the worst possible side of things. Also, you currently lack the persistence to stay focused on one thing at a time.
Middle-Left Side: You focus on facts, relationships, and conclusions. You believe in what is evidence-based and tangible. You are responsible and down-to-earth. You are reliable in both work and family.
Middle-Right Side: You are caring and considerate in your life. You have a gentle and sensitive nature. You are always willing to help others to solve problems. You can understand the hidden meaning of others' words and will not be easily deceived. Meanwhile, you have the profound idea that is difficult to be understood by others. You look mysterious in the eyes of the people around you.
Middle-Upper Side: At present, you are determined, positive, and confident. You dare to face yourself as well as the unknown ahead. You can endure disappointments and pains and turn the breakdowns into the strength to move forward to sail through the waves.
Middle-Lower Side: You are currently in an unhealthy state of mind, where external pressures and self-doubt have caused you to have a crisis of trust in others and yourself. You have fallen into a situation of self-denial. This also makes you appear somewhat withdrawn and out of place in a crowd.
Center-Point: You are in a state of balance and stability. This is the zero point of the coordinates and the "meeting point" of many emotions. At this moment, you can balance reality and ideals, feeling and intuition. But at the same time, you should also pay more attention to your negative emotions.

FAQs About Rorschach Test

What is a Rorschach Test?

Hermann Rorschach was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who is best known for creating the Rorschach test, a widely used psychological assessment tool. Born in 1884 in Zurich, Switzerland, Rorschach studied medicine and psychiatry and became interested in understanding the psychological components of mental illness.

The Rorschach test is a projective psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both.

Can Rorschach test be done online?

Yes, now subjects can do the online Rorschach Test on our website. Please note that while it is technically possible to administer a Rorschach test online, it is generally not recommended or considered to be a valid method of testing. The Rorschach test is a complex psychological assessment that requires a trained evaluator to administer and interpret the results. The evaluator needs to observe the test-taker's facial expressions, body language, and other nonverbal cues, as well as listen to their verbal responses in order to assess the person's thought processes and personality characteristics accurately.

Is the Rorschach test still used today?

Today, some psychologists dismiss the Rorschach as merely a relic of psychology's past, a pseudoscience on par with phrenology. However, though the inkblot test may not be a perfect tool, it continues to be used widely, particularly for diagnosing schizophrenia—which was Rorschach's original intent for the test.

How do you perform a Rorschach test?

In the Rorschach test, the subject looks at a series of cards with different inkblot shapes, colors, and sizes. The user is asked to describe what the inkblot shapes resemble. There are typically 10 different inkblot cards presented one at a time, and the test-taker is asked to observe each one and respond with their interpretation, choosing from four different options.

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