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What is my aesthetic?

You’ve probably heard about “aesthetic” being used as a buzzword in the fashion industry, but have you ever thought about what it actually means? Here at Aesthetic Quiz, we do. Our goal is to help you understand aesthetics so that you can incorporate them into your life.

Do you ever wish that you were a little more in-touch with your aesthetic? What about your fashion choices? Our goal is to help you figure out your own personal sense of style – so that you can carry that with you wherever you go.

Here’s a list of aesthetics types

Dark Academia

Aesthetics Type Dark Academia, or Dark Aesthetics, is a term used to describe the aesthetic of things that are dark, grim, and gritty. It’s often associated with horror and fantasy, but can also be found in other genres. Dark Aesthetics are most commonly seen in fiction and media like anime, where they are used to create intense emotional responses. Dark Aesthetics often use contrast and shadow to create an eerie atmosphere and make the world feel more dangerous than it actually is. According to your replies, you are a Dark Aesthetician! You love dark, gothic aesthetics. You like things that are dark and creepy, but also beautiful and elegant. You’re not afraid to be a little bit scary, but you also know how to dress in style. You love black and grey color schemes, bold patterns, and lots of studs..

Cottagecore Aesthetic Outfits

Cottagecore, or Cott-CORE, is a fashion aesthetic inspired by the styles of the Regency and Edwardian periods in Europe. It celebrates soft and natural colors, fabrics, and patterns, including flowing dresses, lots of lace and gingham, leg of mutton sleeves, and handmade accessories. Other significant sources of inspiration can be found in the Picnic at Hanging Rock or Alice in Wonderland novels. The vibe of Cottagecore Aesthetic outfits is similar to the one of lying in a field of daisies reading a novel without a care in the world. If this describes you to any degree at all then congratulations! You are Cott-CORE!

Y2K Aesthetic Outfits

The Y2K aesthetic is a fashion trend that draws inspiration from the late 90s and early 2000s. The main themes of the style include crop tops, vintage luxe brands like Dior, Prada, and Versace, relaxed denim, and chunky sneakers. If you’re looking for outfit ideas, you can check out some of the most popular Y2K-inspired looks on TikTok or Instagram. You’ll see many subcultures compressed under the general Y2K fashion category: McBling (the combination of hip-hop and emo), Synthwave (the combination of retro 80s synth music with modern pop culture), Emo outfits (the combination of emo music with modern pop culture), and Barbiecore (the combination of Barbie dolls with modern pop culture). Y2K aesthetic outfits are wide-reaching—you’ll find them everywhere from TikTok to Instagram to Pinterest. They’re also very versatile so you can mix-and-match different items to create your own unique look!

Light Academia

You are a person who appreciates art and beauty, but you don’t necessarily want to be the center of attention. You are more interested in what is going on around you, and how you can make those around you feel good about themselves and their surroundings. You like to be able to see the beauty that can be found in everyday life. You are drawn to light colors such as white or yellow, because they represent the bright spaces that you enjoy being in. You also enjoy accents of red and orange because they add a sense of warmth and comfort to your surroundings. You have a very active imagination, and you often feel like you can’t express yourself well enough through words. You prefer to express yourself through art or other mediums where your creativity can shine. Simplicity is important to you, so you gravitate towards things that are clean-looking with few unnecessary details. Light Academia is all about comfort. You’ll be looking for fabrics like cashmere, linen, cotton and corduroy. It’s also important to look for vintage and worn fabrics for a vintage or nostalgic vibe. Light Academia outfits are usually made up of loose-fitting pants and skirts with simple tops that can be layered over button-down shirts or turtlenecks. The key is to look effortless and relaxed while still feeling like you’re putting something together.


Grunge is a style that’s all about edginess. It’s dark and moody, but also kind of cool and sexy. You can see it in the way people dress—dark clothes, chains, smoky eye shadows, oversized graphic tees—and what they listen to—vinyl records and punk music. You’re not afraid of some color—you just don’t want anything too flashy or shiny. Darker colors like black or brown feel more comfortable to you than bright reds or yellows do. You like things that are raw, natural and organic. You don’t like to be too polished or refined. You prefer things that have been made by hand, rather than in a factory. Grunges enjoy the outdoors and appreciate nature. They also like things that are dirty and disheveled, such as clothing or furniture with stains or holes in them. The key to grunge is finding pieces that are durable and simple—like a hoodie, or a pair of jeans that you know will never go out of style. You’ll also want to stock up on some classic menswear staples like a button-down shirt, or a pair of boots that will last forever. Grunge is about mixing high-low pieces: sporting sneakers with suits, for example, or wearing your favorite band t-shirt with a pair of tailored trousers. It’s about taking inspiration from streetwear but making sure everything fits well and looks amazing on its own.


Euphoria is inspired by the famous TV show, and it involves glam outfits, gemstones, graphic liners, and high heels. Euphoria is all about being an insta baddie and staying above everyone. It involves self-expression in a fashion icon way. You’re all about expressing yourself through your style—and it’s not just about clothes. You like to show off your inner baddie by wearing bold makeup and statement jewelry! You’re a true bae! You like to express yourself by wearing your favorite hairstyles, makeup looks, shoes, and clothes. You know that every day is your insta-day—you’re on a mission to change the world through your style. You want to look good for everyone because it makes you feel better about yourself! Euphoria aesthetic is all about bright colors and bold patterns. You’re someone who wants to stand out in a crowd, and you want to feel energized. What colors should you wear? Bright colors like red, orange, yellow, and green are your best friends here. They’ll make you feel confident and happy! You should also consider patterns like stripes, polka dots, and floral prints. What fabrics are best for euphoria aesthetics? You want things that are lightweight and comfortable—think cotton or linen fabrics. Remember: Your clothes should let your personality shine through!


You love cute clothes, Some of the hallmarks of this aesthetic are pastels (pink, baby blue), soft colors (lilac, lavender), and patterns that are out of this world (like flowers or space). You’re also a little edgy sometimes with your out-of-this-world patterns.It makes sense that you have a dreamcore aesthetic, because it’s all about nostalgia, dreaming big, and creating your own world. It’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to what you wear! Dreamcore is the aesthetic of finding beauty in everything, including the mundane. It’s a way of taking something normal and making it extraordinary with your own personal touch. When it comes to fashion, dreamcore types should try to wear clothes that are colorful, eclectic, and expressive. You can express yourself through what you wear by wearing a shirt that says "I’m an artist" or even drawing on your pants with markers.You could also incorporate some dreamcore elements into your makeup routine by wearing bright colors on your eyes or lips as well as using glittery eye shadows or highlighters.


The fairycore aesthetic is all about light and fluffy things, like fairies and cotton candy and rainbows. You want to wear florals, pastels, and lace. If you’re a fairycore person, then your style inspiration is probably Tinkerbell or the Powerpuff Girls. You love to wear anything that makes you feel like a princess. Your favorite color is pink—but not just any pink! It has to be a soft pink that’s almost pastel-y in order for it to work for your skin tone. And you also love wearing anything with glitter or sparkles on it (shimmery fabrics are also big in this aesthetic). Fairycore people are often drawn toward floral prints because they remind us of springtime, when everything is green and growing new life—and we all know how much fairies love nature! Floral prints also remind us of flowers because they’re so beautiful, which makes them perfect for people who want their clothes to shine but don’t want them too bright or flashy.

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