Do I Like Him Quiz

Take this quiz to know do you have a crush on him

We have all had a crush on someone at some point in our lives and it is a fluttery feeling best described as 'butterflies in the stomach'! Do you feel hung up on a particular someone and unsure if you should pursue the infatuation or call it quits?

Take this test and answer the questions as truthfully as possible! By doing so, you will determine whether or not to follow through with your romantic infatuation!

Attention: This test works only for people you know in real life, so don't take it for your celebrity crushes!

The level of your feeling for him is:

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Ready for your result? You definitely like him! Actually, I'm surprised you even felt you needed to take this test! Maybe it's time to start wondering "does he like me back", just to see if you guys are made for each other. Good luck!
You have a very clear picture of the ideal type, and he seems to fit into most of your descriptions. He has a strong attraction to you that makes you think about him all the time. I really hope you guys can fall in love and have a happy ending. Good luck!
Your relationship and bond with him is not strong enough for you to become intimate. Sometimes you can't help but ask yourself how you feel about him. So...Do you want to take a step forward? Is your heart hinting anything after this test?
ou guys just met or haven't had the chance to get to know each other better. You might think of him occasionally, especially when you're talking about someone you are really fond of. You don't have any strong urge to be in a relationship with him yet.
You definitely have nothing going for him. I wonder why you chose him for the test. Regardless, keep this result in mind and look for someone that will make the butterflies in your stomach tingle. You wouldn't want to waste any time on him. Good luck!
Love Of Your Life
Perfect Type
Just A Crush
Romantic Indifference