🎵 The Ultimate Taylor Swift Tune Test: Are You a True Swiftie? 🎵

Welcome, Swifties, to the Ultimate Taylor Swift Song Challenge! Are you ready to put your knowledge of Taylor’s hits to the test? Listen closely as we play a melody and see if you can match it to the right Swift song. It’s time to show off your Swiftie skills and climb the ranks of Taylor’s tune experts. Ready to dive into the melodic fray and claim your crown? Let’s get started!

💡 If the music isn't playing for you, please check that the sound on your device, especially if you're using a phone, is turned on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an iconic multi-award-winning American singer-songwriter renowned for her narrative songwriting, which skillfully weaves stories from her personal life into her music, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. Swift's exceptional talent in storytelling through song has earned her widespread acclaim, setting her apart in the music industry. Her journey began in the realm of country music, where she quickly made a name for herself with her heartfelt lyrics and relatable themes. Over time, she seamlessly transitioned into pop music, and has since explored various genres, including rock and folk, demonstrating her versatility and artistic growth.

source: wikipedia

How does the quiz work?

Participants will listen to a melody and then select the corresponding Taylor Swift song from the provided options. Scores will be awarded based on the number of correct answers.

Is there a time limit for each question?

No time limits here! The record for scoring a perfect 100 is under two minutes. Think you can beat that? Give it a try!

Can I retake the quiz?

Absolutely! Take the quiz as often as you like to see if you can top your previous score.

What if I’m stumped on a question?

No worries at all! Just give it your best shot. After all, the quiz is all in good fun.

How many Taylor Swift songs does the quiz cover?

We’ve included 20 songs in the quiz for you to enjoy.

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Congratulations! You’ve proven that when it comes to Taylor Swift songs, you’re ‘The Lucky One.’ With an ear perfectly tuned to Taylor’s melodies, you’re walking ‘Fearless’ and ready to ‘Shake It Off’ because you know her music like a true Swiftie. Keep ‘Dancing With Our Hands Tied’ to her tunes!
Great job! You’re swiftly on your way, and ‘Everything Has Changed.’ You might have ‘missed a few red lights,’ but it’s clear you’ve spent ‘Fifteen’ or more minutes basking in Taylor’s songs. With a bit more time, you’ll be at the top, ‘Out of the Woods’ and into supreme Swiftie status!
Not bad! Like a ‘Begin Again’ moment, you’ve shown you’ve got a ‘Blank Space’ ready to be filled with more Taylor tunes. A little more ‘Enchanted’ listening, and you’ll be ‘Wildest Dreams’ level in no time. ‘Don’t Blame Me’ if you find yourself climbing the Swiftie ranks swiftly!
You’ve started your journey, ‘Today Was a Fairytale’ perhaps not, but you’re on your way. Like Taylor, you might have ‘A Place in This World’ you haven’t found yet. ‘Breathe,’ dive into her albums, and soon you’ll find yourself ‘Invisible String’ connected to all her hits!
Looks like you’re new to the Swiftie fandom. But worry not, ‘Welcome to New York’—the start of something magical. Taylor’s world of stories is vast, and every song is a ‘State of Grace.’ So, ‘Begin Again’ and soon you’ll be ‘Fearless’ in your Swift knowledge!
So, Taylor Swift might seem like a ‘Bejeweled’ stranger with ‘A Perfectly Good Heart’ to you now, but that’s just ‘The Story of Us’ waiting to be written. Maybe you’ve seen her name ‘All Too Well’ in the headlines. Why not ‘Jump Then Fall’ into her discography? It’s ‘Time to Go’ from ‘The Outside’ and step into the enchanting world of her music!
Supreme Swiftie
Stan Swiftie
Strong Swiftie
Regular Swiftie
Ready-to-be Swiftie