Wife Rating Scale Test

Original 1939 Version

Take the Wife Rating Scale Test to explore your partnership through the lens of George Washington Crane III’s innovative studies. This quiz will show you what you excel at and where you can grow as a partner. George’s timeless insights guide us in understanding our roles better, aiming to enrich our connections. Curious to see your results? Take the test now.

Disclaimer: The Wife Rating Scale Test is designed for entertainment and a bit of self-discovery. It’s all in good fun, so please don’t take the results to heart. Every relationship is unique, and this quiz is just a playful way to think about yours, echoing its original design from 100 years ago. Enjoy, and maintain a positive and open conversation with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wife Scale Test?

The Wife Scale Test, an online quiz inspired by George Washington Crane III’s historical assessments, has been redesigned for today’s relationships to evaluate a wife’s contribution to her marriage. Developed by Crane, Ph.D., and M.D., who operated a counseling practice and matchmaking service, the questions and answers were based on interviews with thousands husbands about their ideal partner. The aim was to assist couples by allowing husbands to rate their wives in various aspects, offering a score between 0 and 100 based on a range of criteria reflecting the complexity of modern marital roles.

How is the score calculated?

Drawing from Crane’s foundational work and enriched with contemporary relationship research, the scoring integrates feedback from couples on vital aspects of partnership, communication, emotional support, and shared responsibilities. It aims to provide a balanced view of both traditional and modern expectations in marriage.

Can I improve my test score?

Definitely. The quiz highlights both your strengths and areas for growth within your marriage. Focused improvement on these areas can lead to better relationship dynamics and a higher score in future assessments.

Is this quiz only for married women?

While the quiz is designed with wives in mind, it holds value for anyone in a committed relationship seeking to enhance their understanding and performance as a partner.

How much time does the quiz take to complete?

Expect to spend about 5-10 minutes on the quiz. The length of time may vary depending on how much thought you give to each question.

Will my results be shared publicly?

No, your quiz results are strictly private. We respect the personal and sensitive nature of your marital exploration and ensure your responses remain confidential.

Can I use this quiz to measure my wife?

While you can take a stab at assessing where your wife might score, it’s advisable to involve her in the process rather than doing it secretly. The quiz is designed for entertainment, and guessing her thoughts might not yield entirely accurate results. Sharing and discussing your perspectives can make this a fun bonding activity.

Your Wife Rating Scale Test Results:

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Bravo! You’ve achieved a Very Superior rating, making you an exceptional partner in your marriage. Your dedication to nurturing a loving, supportive, and understanding relationship shines brightly. Your ability to balance empathy with strength makes your partnership thrive. Keep being the amazing wife you are, and continue to enrich your marriage every day.
Great job! You’re rated as Superior, reflecting your strong qualities as a partner. You bring respect, care, and mutual support to your marriage, laying a solid foundation for a lasting bond. There’s always a way to elevate your relationship even further, so keep aiming for those heights.
You have an Average rating, which means you’re doing well but have potential to enhance your role as a wife. Your efforts in your marriage are commendable, yet focusing on deeper communication, shared dreams, and creating more joyful moments together can make your bond even stronger.
With a Poor rating, it’s clear there are areas in your partnership that need attention. It’s an opportunity to reevaluate your contributions to your marriage and seek ways to improve. Embrace understanding, share your feelings openly, and dedicate effort to growing together with your spouse.
Your score falls into the Very Poor category, indicating a need for significant improvement in your role as a wife. This moment calls for deep reflection and a commitment to positive changes. Focus on your partner’s happiness, foster open and honest communication, and take steps towards nurturing a healthier, more loving relationship.