Do I Like Her?

Take this quiz to know do you have a crush on her

Take this test to explore your feelings about a potentially significant other, help decide whether they are the “one”- the one you are willing to make sacrifices for, and improve yourself and your life to increase the chances of things working out over the long term.

This is just a quiz for fun, and includes a plethora of ideas to consider, it is not advice, your decisions are ultimately your decisions. Good luck and have fun!

Attention: This test works only for people you know in real life, so don't take it for your celebrity crushes!

The level of your feeling for her is:

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This person could be your soul mate. I hope the person knows how you feel because you truly seem to care about them. Best of luck!
The love sounds very real and it is worth pursuing. This could be the start of something truly positive. Best of luck!
It could be love, only time will tell. We never know who we will fall in love with, there is always more to someone than we know, I hope it manifests in positive ways. Good luck!
You never know who you will fall in love with, you don’t seem so certain but that's ok, you are thinking of them and that matters. Best of luck!
It doesn’t sound like love, might want to consider further introspection. On that note, we never know who we will fall in love with. Good luck!