Does He Like Me Quiz

At certain points in our lives we've all had a crush or an infatuation with someone and it has driven us nuts whether or not the feeling was mutual. And it hurts more to wonder what could happen between you two than to simply muster up the courage and go for it. Now you might think an online quiz is not the best way to tell if he has butterflies in the stomach upon seeing you but why not give it a spin?

Be careful: This test only works for people you know in real life, so don't take it for your celebrity crushes! Also, answer the questions as truthfully as possible!

The level of his feeling for you is:

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Ready for your result? He is actually into you! To be frank, I'm surprised you even felt you needed to take this test! His feeling for you is so obvious that almost everyone has already noticed that you two have a crush on each other. So just approach him and tell him about your feelings! I bet he's waiting!

You definitely qualify as his ideal type. He's been thinking about you all the time since you’ve known each other. So why bother waiting? Just go out and profess your feelings! I really hope you guys fall in love and have a happy ending. Good luck!

Your relationship and bond with him is not yet strong enough for you to spill your feelings out to him. That explains why you are unsure how he feels about you. So...Maybe it's better to clear out your thoughts before you take the next step.

You guys have just met or haven't had the chance to get to know each other better. He might think of you occasionally, but that's just it. If you do want to start a relationship with him, you should put more effort into your relationship at first.

Hearing that someone doesn't isn’t into you is never easy. Rejection hurts. Sorry to say that this guy just doesn’t have any feelings for you. It's time to move on and spend your time on someone who recognizes how awesome you are.

Love Of His Life
Perfect Type
Just A Crush
Hopeless Romantic