Husband Rating Scale Test

Original 1939 Version

Take the Husband Rating Scale Test and see how George Washington Crane III’s legacy influences your marriage today. This quiz helps you discover your strengths and areas to improve by reflecting on your role as a husband. With insights adapted from George’s pioneering work, it’s a unique opportunity to deepen your relationship. Ready to take the test and find out where you stand?

Disclaimer: The Husband Rating Scale Test is just for fun! It’s meant to entertain and spark reflection, not to be taken too seriously. Relationships and roles vary widely, so take your results with a light heart. Enjoy the quiz as a playful look at partnership, mirroring its conception a century ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Husband Scale Test?

The Husband Scale Test, an online quiz inspired by George Washington Crane III’s historical assessments, evaluates a husband’s contribution to his marriage. Developed by Crane, Ph.D., and M.D., who operated a counseling practice and matchmaking service, the questions and answers were based on interviews with thousands wives about their ideal partner. The aim was to assist couples by allowing wives to rate their husbands in various aspects, and participants receive a score between 0 and 100, reflecting their effectiveness as a husband based on various criteria gathered from the interviews.

How was the scoring system developed?

The scoring system is adapted from Crane’s original evaluations, incorporating modern relationship dynamics and feedback from hundreds of couples. It balances traditional virtues with contemporary expectations of partnership, communication, and emotional support.

Can I improve my score?

Absolutely! The test provides insights into specific areas of strength and opportunities for growth. By focusing on these areas, you can take actionable steps to improve your relationship and, consequently, your score.

Is the quiz only for married men?

While designed with husbands in mind, the quiz is valuable for anyone in a long-term relationship seeking to deepen their understanding of partnership dynamics and improve their role within it.

How long does the test take?

The test typically takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on your reflection on each question.

Is my score shared with anyone?

No, your score and responses are completely confidential. We believe in privacy and the personal nature of your journey through the test.

Can I use this quiz to measure my husband?

Yes, you can use the quiz to get a sense of where your husband might stand, but it’s more meaningful when done openly together. Remember, the accuracy of your assessment might not be perfect since it’s challenging to know everything in his mind. It’s a fun exercise, but direct communication is always the best approach in a relationship.

Your Husband Rating Scale Test Results:

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Congratulations, you’re in the elite league of husbands with a Very Superior rating! Your partnership skills are top-notch, navigating marriage with empathy, support, and understanding. You’re the pillar of strength and love in your relationship, always ensuring a balanced and harmonious bond. Keep up the remarkable work, and continue to set a high bar for marital excellence.
Well done! You’ve achieved a Superior rating, showcasing strong qualities as a husband. You understand the importance of communication, respect, and teamwork in marriage. There’s always room for growth, so keep striving for those moments that make your partnership even stronger and more fulfilling.
You’ve landed an Average rating, which means you’re on the right track with room to grow. You’ve shown a commitment to your marriage, but there are areas where you can improve. Focus on open communication, sharing responsibilities, and making time for romance to enhance your partnership.
Your rating falls into the Poor category, indicating some challenges in your role as a husband. It’s a nudge to reflect on your contributions to the marriage and identify areas for improvement. Consider more engagement, understanding, and patience to better support your partner and strengthen your bond.
A Very Poor rating suggests significant room for improvement in your marital role. It’s time for introspection and a commitment to change. Prioritize your partner’s needs, communicate more effectively, and invest in the health of your relationship. Remember, it’s never too late to turn things around and become the partner your spouse deserves.
Very Superior
Very Poor