Multidimensional Love Language Quiz

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The Multidimensional Love Styles Test is a psychological test which enables people to know more about their needs. This test has a total of 30 questions, designed to examine reactions to daily situations and people’s psychological states. The results are divided into six dimensions: practical actions, verbal praise, receiving gifts, emotional support, intimacy, and two-person world.

What do you want from love? How can you feel that you are being deeply loved? Try the Multidimensional Love Styles Test! When taking this test, you only need to read the questions and give the most authentic answer based on your actual view. Come and test it!

What is the “Multidimensional Love Language Quiz”?

The Love Language Quiz consists of 30 questions. Once completed, the results will be given to you in the form of a radar chart. It feeds back the subjects’ expectations and views on love. In addition, we will also give a detailed introduction to each requirement.

When taking our Love Language Quiz, anonymous statistical data is provided after each question is answered. We update the data regularly to help you understand how most people react to these questions.

Can I use the “Multidimensional Love Language Quiz” to evaluate others?

Of course, you can answer each question the way you believe another subject would. However, if you’re not sure about the person’s answer to a question, then you are making a a subjective guess based on assumptions. This reduces how accurate and credible the test result will be.

Detailed explanation of each requirement


Actions can make you feel more loved than vain words and promises that may be false. You are strong, you can think independently, and you also have the courage and will to not depend on others.

More importantly, you can rationally distinguish whether or not the person you are in contact with is sincere.

For you, love is not a blessing in disguise, but the icing on the cake. Therefore, the practical, effective, and sincere help of a lover is what you need most.

Words of praise

The power of language is often the most overlooked yet powerful form of love. You can feel strength from the expectations and encouragement of others, and in order to live up to this appreciation and love, but also for your own dignity and glory, you can often gain achievements that surprise others.

In love, a lover’s appreciation and praise can brighten up your mood and give you the determination you need to face the future with your partner by your side.

Accepting gifts

In love, you are very concerned about how much the other person treats you with sincerity, and gifts are a concrete expression.

You may not ask for something expensive, but you can cherish the meaning behind the gift - the lover’s intentions and how much they value you. Romantic and tasteful, you need some little surprises to brighten up your ordinary life, which will also give you strength to take with you in the future.

Emotional support

In front of most people, you care for everyone like a superhero. You never show tiredness or that you’re hurting and you always do your best to protect those you hold dear.

But at the same time, you also look forward to someone who can be your inner harbor, truly understand you, care about you, and support you. This emotional support from a lover plays a huge role in your victory over setbacks.


“Desire” is one of the most primitive human feelings, especially if the other person is your favorite person.

You can’t accept a cold, rational person. You expect a partner to be warm, happy, and emotional. You believe in passionate displays of affection when two people fall in love with each other, and want someone who will kiss you and choose to be in your presence intimately as much as possible.

The world of two people

The “World of two People” here is not just two people living in the same room, but two people who admire each other.

They can enjoy solitude together happily, but are also excited when planning the future together, or cultivating common interests. Such a two-person world can enhance each other’s positive emotions and make life more fun.

You hope that you can enjoy the sweetness of love without losing yourself. Both people in this relationship should believe that two people in a relationship are greater than two individuals.

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