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In Boys’ Love (BL) novels, two main characters are usually playing different roles: top and bottom. Gradually, the word top is referred to as the stronger half and bottom the weaker half in a relationship. And in Japanese culture, seme is used to describe top and uke to describe bottom.

Do you want to know whether you are a seme, an uke or neither of them? Come and take this relaxing quiz. Twelve questions will be taken to judge your seme-uke constitution. Maybe there hides an adorable-uke heart under your domineering-seme mask. And a great surprise may be waiting for you in the final result!

Solemn Statement: this quiz can be taken for people of all genders and ages, of both homosexuality and heterosexuality, for both friendship and love, and in both the Earth and Mars.

Understanding Your Quiz Results

Here you'll find detailed explanations for each possible outcome. We recommend completing the quiz prior to exploring this section to enjoy a genuine experience :)

💪 Top Series

Top - Are you top or bottom quiz

Sou Seme:

You embody the ultimate dominant partner, exuding confidence and control in every aspect of the relationship. Your leadership is unquestioned, and the idea of you being anything but the top is inconceivable. You navigate your relationships with authority and decisiveness, making you the definitive seme who never wavers or shows vulnerability in the dynamic.

Koakuma Seme:

You are the quintessential domineering man, but with a twist. Your charm is devilish, enticing your partner into a dance of both allure and slight mischief. You possess a magnetic pull, combining seduction with a playful dominance that keeps your partner both enchanted and on their toes. Your approach is teasing, often pushing boundaries just to see how far you can go, all while maintaining an irresistible appeal.

Osoi Seme:

Your dominance manifests through a blend of strength and deliberate action. You may take your time, but your decisions and movements are always impactful, demonstrating a powerful, almost unyielding control once you've made your move. Your approach to relationships is marked by a tough exterior, yet those who know you understand the depth of commitment and passion that lies beneath.

Wanko Seme:

You are akin to a loyal, enthusiastic pup, brimming with energy and devotion. Your love is unconditional, and you express your feelings with a candidness and zeal that is both refreshing and infectious. In relationships, you're eager to please and protect, displaying a loyalty that endears you to your partner. Your straightforward and sometimes naive approach to love is your greatest strength, making you a truly heartfelt and dedicated seme.

Otome Seme:

With the innocence and romance of a teen girl, you bring a unique blend of purity and assertiveness to the relationship. You pursue your love with a fervent passion, often idealizing the notion of love and how it should be expressed. Your actions are driven by a mix of youthful idealism and a strong desire to make your romantic dreams a reality, making you a seme with a tender, yet determined heart.

🌼 Bottom Series

Top - Are you top or bottom quiz

Mujaki Uke:

You are the epitome of purity and innocence in the relationship. Your naive outlook and genuine kindness make you a beacon of light and honesty. As an uke, you navigate your connections with an open heart, often unaware of the complexities that might lurk beneath the surface. Your purity draws others to you, offering a safe haven of sincerity in a world that often forgets the value of unguarded emotion.

Koakuma Uke:

You embody the puckish, mischievous man, engaging in playful and slightly naughty behavior that charms and disarms. Your allure lies in your ability to blend innocence with a hint of devilish intrigue, keeping your partner guessing and captivated. Despite your more passive role, you have a knack for steering the relationship with your whimsical and enchanting personality, making every moment with you an adventure.

Oresama Uke:

Your egocentric nature makes you a uniquely dominant force in the relationship, even from a traditionally passive stance. You demand attention and admiration, fully confident in your worth and desirability. This self-assuredness allows you to navigate the relationship on your terms, often bending the traditional dynamics to suit your needs and desires, making you an unforgettable and commanding presence in any partnership.

Osoi Uke:

Far from being a typical passive character, you take on a more aggressive and confrontational stance. You assert yourself boldly, unafraid to make your desires known and to challenge any opposition. Your aggressive nature adds a layer of intensity and passion to the relationship, ensuring that your voice is heard and your needs are met, often leading the way in expressing emotions and initiating action.

Sou Uke:

In the relationship dynamic, you represent the ultimate passive partner, unable to assume a dominant role. Your submission is complete, offering unwavering loyalty and dedication to your partner. This deep-seated passivity doesn't stem from weakness, but rather from a profound capacity for empathy and understanding, making you the perfect counterpart to a dominant seme. Your ability to support and adapt makes you indispensable, fostering a deep and meaningful connection.

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