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Hu Tao is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, located in Liyue Harbor. She does her utmost to flawlessly carry out a person's last rites and preserve the world’s balance of yin and yang. Aside from this, she is also a talented poet whose many “masterpieces” have passed around Liyue’s populace by word of mouth. She enjoys pranking people and despises sitting around and doing nothing, as she wishes to live her life to the fullest. Her eccentric and off-the-wall personality often leaves people with a negative impression of her, especially Qiqi, who states that she has a “punchable face” and should be stored in the fridge.

Are you a true hu tao fan? How much do you actually know about hu tao? Prove your knowledge by taking this quiz now to see how much you know about hu tao’s character profile, lore, material, constellation, combat, hobby, food, and voice line. There are 24 questions in total. Come and try this quiz to see your result now!

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Character Profile

Do you know a lot about Hu Tao’s character profile? This quiz will test your knowledge of Hu Tao’s personal profile information in Genshin Impact!


Do you think you really know Hu Tao’s background story? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Hu Tao’s story!

Material and Constellation

Do you think you remember all the materials and constellations for Hu Tao? Do you think you know how to ascend Hu Tao or level up Hu Tao’s talent level? Take this quiz and show us how well you know about Hu Tao!


Are you really a Hu Tao main? Do you really know what Hu Tao’s skill and talent will do? Take this quiz to understand how much you actually know about Hu Tao’s combat kit.

Hobby and Food

Do you know what is Hu Tao’s hobby and favorite food? Take this quiz to see if you truly know Hu Tao well!

Voice Line

From casting your skill to exploring the world, how much do you actually remember Hu Tao’s voice line? Take this quiz now to see if you are a true Hu Tao fan and truly know his own voice line!

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