the IQ Test 2021 (New Certificate for 2021)

New Certificate for 2021

We've created more than 6 IQ tests since 2014. Over 5 million people in the whole wild world have taken our tests so far (as of today, Dec 14, 2020). For now, proudly, here comes our most accurate IQ Test so far -- the IQ Test for 2021. To make the test culture-fair, we've adapted the Raven's Progressive Matrices, which were originally developed by John C. Raven in 1936.

It's designed for people at the age of 9 and above, but the rules are quite simple: We would measure your intellectual property by asking 18 exquisitely designed questions. First, we've got some pretty easy ones to help you warm up. However, the difficulty is significantly increased after Question 10. No worries if you can't figure out the answer to one question or two. According to our statistical data (Google Analytics), only 1% of people can answer all the questions correctly.

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