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CPS test stands for Click-Per-Second test. It can be a 10-second simple test. You need to click as many times as possible before time's up. Feel free to try as many times as you want. Make sure to get your best score (CPS - Click Per Second). According to our big data, the average CPS is 6.69, and the world record was said to be 14.1 according to Google. People may get a bit higher score on mobile/tablet than desktop. Can you beat this?

Please feel free to share this test with your friends, and challenge them!

Note: You may try this test as many times as you like. The highest CPS result represents your actual CPS. There is a “Try again” button for you after each attempt.

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Your CPS Test Records

TypeBest CPSRankDate
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About the CPS Test

Our CPS Test made its debut on September 5, 2019. On that first day, a single user from Canada, who happened to be a friend, took the test. The next day, 27 more users, also our friends, joined in the testing. Within just two months, the average daily user count for our CPS Test had swelled to between 200 and 300, with many professional gamers among them. Now over 30,000 users take our CPS Test each day. Thank you for your trust in us. We are very proud of this achievement.

Ever since its inception, we have persistently developed and improved the CPS Test by adding new features, games, and detailed reports. Even though several websites have brazenly copied our design and features, the Wayback Machine remains a decent tool for verifying the authenticity of our original work.

We are a team of experienced developers with years of expertise in game development and esports. We constantly strive to make the CPS Test an outstanding online resource for assessing your gaming abilities and physical skills. Feel free to bookmark our CPS Test and explore new features and games as they are introduced.

Watch this quick video to see how our CPS Test works, why it's the best CPS test and what it offers - from challenge mode to easter eggs :)

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CPS Test Statistical Data

CPS Test Score Distribution (Overall)

0.00%11 Clicks Per Second (CPS)891076543210.50%1.00%1.50%2.00%Average CPS is 6.69 / source: arealme.com, Google Analytics
  1. All the data for the cps test are collected by Google Analytics, anonymously.
  2. This data is updated automatically every two weeks.
  3. We’ve excluded automated clicks. If the frequency of clicks is very stable - for instance, always 0.005 seconds between two clicks - then we treat the session as an autoclicker and refuse to record its data.
  4. If you want to apply to set or break a record, please contact admin@arealme.com.

CPS Scoring Table

RankingCPS (1s)CPS (10s+)CPS (Marathon)
🏅 Top 0.94%16+12.6+10.7+
🥈 Top 2.12%1511.310.1
🥉 Top 3.62%1410.29.7
💪 Top 5.92%139.89.5
👍 Top 9.47%128.68.2
Top 14.80%118.07.8
Top 22.05%107.27.0
Top 30.70%96.66.5
Above Avg.86.15.2
Below Avg.65.04.2
Btm. 22.13%54.63.2
Btm. 15.75%442.7
Btm. 10.36%33.52.1
Btm. 6.18%22.81.4
Btm. 3.69%10.70.7

CPS Test World Records

Updated Mar 2024: We are now accepting submissions for world records. Please note that desktop, phone, and tablet / one finger / one hand / two hands will be considered as separate categories. For more information, please send an email to admin+cpstest@arealme.com.

Please note, some old video references are missing or removed by the record holders, so if you see any spot without a video reference, please feel free to submit your score!

What is the greatest CPS in 1 second?

The greatest CPS in 1 second on mobile by one hand is 38. Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇨🇳 WPN123 (video)

The greatest CPS in 1 second on desktop by two hands is 33. Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇰🇷 프로미스나인 (video)

The greatest CPS in 1 second by one hand on mobile is 28. Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇮🇹 Overpvpver (video)

The greatest CPS in 1 second by two hands on tablet is 102. Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇺🇸 Ben Taylor (video)

The greatest CPS in 1 second by two hands on mobile is 44. Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇮🇹 Overpvpver (video)

What is the greatest CPS in 3 seconds?

The greatest CPS in 3 seconds is 19 (57 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇸🇮 Roko Skrabl (video)

What is the greatest CPS in 5 seconds?

The greatest CPS in 5 seconds is 20.6 (103 clicks) on desktop. Butterfly clicking, Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇲🇾 Excritus (video)

The greatest CPS in 5 seconds is 55.4 (227 clicks) on mobile. Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇨🇦 Brandon Lemieux - Lemix 🇨🇦 Quebec Canada (video)

The greatest One-Finger CPS in 5 seconds is 18 (90 clicks) on desktop. Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇰🇷 김민준 (video)

What is the greatest CPS in 10 seconds?

The greatest One-Finger CPS in 10 seconds is 15.0 (150 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇩🇪 r.a.x.t (video)

The greatest CPS in 10 seconds is 23.9 (239 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇺🇸 Yukang Jiang

The greatest One-Finger CPS in 10 seconds is 20.3 (203 clicks) on tablet (iPad 9 64G). Achieved by cps tester 🇨🇳 张佳桓 (video)

The greatest Two-Hands CPS in 10 seconds is 41.4 (414 clicks) on tablet. Achieved by cps tester 🇯🇵 吉野瑛仁 (video)

The greatest Two-Hands CPS in 10 seconds is 36.2 (362 clicks) on mobile. Achieved by cps tester 🇰🇷 조완성 (video)

What is the greatest CPS in 15 seconds?

The greatest CPS in 15 seconds is 18.6 (279 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇦🇺 Gobstoppa

What is the greatest CPS in 30 seconds?

The greatest CPS in 30 seconds is 18.4 (551 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇲🇾 Excritus(video)

The greatest CPS in 30 seconds is 16.6 (497 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇺🇸 xCozmicNinja(video)

What is the greatest CPS in 60 seconds?

The greatest CPS in 60 seconds is 13.7 (782 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇺🇸 xCozmicNinja (video)

What is the greatest CPS in 100 seconds?

The greatest CPS in 100 seconds is 13.0 (1301 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇺🇸 xCozmicNinja(video)

What is the greatest CPS in 180 seconds?

The greatest CPS in 180 seconds is 15.2 (2730 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇺🇸 Tricky(Wisconsin) (video)

What is the greatest CPS with one finger?

The greatest one-finger CPS in 10 seconds is 12.2 (122 clicks). Achieved by cps tester 🏅 🇺🇸 Yukang Jiang

More Fun Facts about our CPS Test

How many people took the CPS test?

Since Sep 5, 2019, there were 27,837,110 people who took this CPS test. (as of Nov 28, 2023). On average, one person took the test around 5.35 times.

CPS Test takers breakdown by browsers

BrowserCPS (10s)CPS (180s “Marathon”)CPS Testers
🏆 Safari7.15.12,096,305
Android Webview7.05.2442,411
Safari (in-app)5.95.1183,238
Samsung Internet6.25.296,965
Internet Explorer5.95.071,148

CPS Test statistics breakdown by Country

CountryCPS (10s)CPS (180s “Marathon”)CPS Testers
🇦🇺 Australia7.15.11,844,430
🇯🇵 Japan6.85.21,532,133
🇰🇷 South Korea7.26.31,284,034
🇵🇱 Poland6.25.2920,266
🇩🇪 Germany6.05.0917,183
🇺🇸 United States7.05.9747,936
🇬🇧 United Kingdom6.95.5642,125
🇪🇸 Spain6.25.2572,892
🇫🇷 France6.45.4566,008
🇧🇷 Brazil6.85.1399,278
🇲🇽 Mexico6.45.2302,745
🇷🇺 Russia6.35.1190,225
🇨🇦 Canada6.45.5145,305
🇹🇭 Thailand6.25.2138,089
🇹🇷 Turkey6.55.1106,228
🇨🇱 Chile6.75.2103,445
🇺🇦 Ukraine6.65.1102,887
🇮🇹 Italy6.45.3100,998
🇸🇬 Singapore6.55.2100,045
🇨🇭 Switzerland6.25.2<100k
🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates6.35.1<100k
🇸🇪 Sweden6.35.5<100k
🇳🇴 Norway6.55.3<100k
🇵🇹 Portugal6.65.1<100k
🇮🇱 Israel6.65.1<100k
🇫🇮 Finland6.45.2<100k
🇮🇪 Ireland6.65.3<100k
🇩🇰 Denmark6.65.1<100k
🇧🇪 Belgium6.65.4<100k

CPS Test statistics breakdown by U.S. states

StateCPS (10s)CPS (180s “Marathon”)CPS Tests Taken
California 🏅6.776.05488,376
Texas 🥈6.765.88399,656
Florida 🥉6.736.02271,731
New York6.635.92202,259
North Carolina6.335.82125,072
New Jersey6.535.82101,726
South Carolina6.535.7227,571
New Hampshire6.635.8213,988
New Mexico6.435.8211,007
Rhode Island6.535.82<10k
West Virginia6.435.82<10k
South Dakota6.635.72<10k
District of Columbia6.435.92<10k
North Dakota6.435.92<10k

Tip: click the headers to sort the above table

What is the average CPS in 1 second?

The average CPS in 1 second is 6.81

What is the average CPS in 3 seconds?

The average CPS in 3 second is 6.80

What is the average CPS in 5 seconds?

The average CPS in 5 second is 6.77

What is the average CPS in 10 seconds?

The average CPS in 10 second is 6.66

What is the average CPS in 15 seconds?

The average CPS in 15 second is 6.45

What is the average CPS in 30 seconds?

The average CPS in 30 second is 6.23

What is the average CPS in 60 seconds?

The average CPS in 60 second is 6.12

What is the average CPS in 100 seconds?

The average CPS in 100 second is 6.07

What is the average CPS in 180 seconds aka. “Marathon”?

The average CPS in 180 second is 5.46

Do you have a CPS Test App?

Please feel free to add our CPS Chrome Extension so that you can practice your click skills any time:

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What is Technoblade CPS?

A joke video uploaded to Youtube by Technoblade from 2014 claims he got 732 Clicks in 10 seconds, or “73.2 CPS”. We haven’t found any solid proof of his actual CPS but we guess it’s at least 10.

How do I apply to set or break a record?

If you want to apply to set or break a record, please send an email to admin+cpstest@arealme.com - currently we only review applications from CPS testers on desktop devices.

CPS Test Hall of Fame

🇯🇵 Nakano🇦🇺 AU_BigPie🇯🇵 Yoshikawa❤Yutaka🇦🇺 TheBlueRuby🇺🇸 CheezeeeeBoi🇵🇰 towel4🇭🇰 Codymator🇺🇸 gooey god🇦🇿 Majid-Rustamov🇺🇸 Waifuslayer🇦🇺 Lukstar129🇬🇧 nathan.190219🇸🇮 Roko Skrabl🇲🇾 Jovelyn🇦🇺 Gobstoppa🇮🇳 Trinity tech🇺🇸 xCozmicNinja🇰🇷 ProtossZerg 🇺🇸 Yukang Jiang 🇺🇸 Tricky 🇺🇸 go dragons🇨🇳 张佳桓🇯🇵 吉野瑛仁🇰🇷 김호랑이 🇦🇺 YoBlueZ🇮🇹 Overpvpver🇩🇪 Mister PH aus Bavaria🇩🇪 raxt

CPS Test and the game Minecraft

Why is CPS Important in Minecraft?

Many Minecraft players constantly talk about their CPS, which stands for clicks per second. CPS can really change how you handle yourself in a competitive player versus player minigame in Minecraft such as BedWars, SkyWars, Practice duels, and many more. Differences in CPS primarily show up in the forms of how frequently damage is being dealt to the enemy player, as well as knockback being dealt on them due to the way how Minecraft combat works on these servers. Due to all this, PvP players seek many different ways to increase their CPS, all of which we will review in a bit.

Other than having an advantage in defeating other players more easily, high CPS is also useful in some cases of bridging - which means creating bridges to cross over an empty space. For example, to get on a SkyWars island to attack someone. This is prevalent in types of bridging like godbridging, which requires quite a high CPS to perform correctly.

To sum it up briefly, if you can correctly hit the enemy player with a higher CPS than them, you are more likely to deal damage more frequently, and knock them back more than they do to you. Finally, it's also easier to build combo attacks that way. Do note that some non-PvP servers, such as purely Survival servers, disabled this way of PvP, which means they are less skill-based in terms of combat.

When did Minecraft players start to pay attention to CPS techniques?

Soon after Minecraft became popular, lots of different types of game modes and themes of servers popped up, and of course one of the major ones was always PvP. One of the first early examples of PvP servers would be Hunger Games, which was a Minecraft version of battle royale where players gathered loot and fought in order to become the last one standing. Soon after, BedWars and SkyWars - game modes that are still popular to this day - become well known. Both those games consist of a series of islands. Players spawn on one of the islands and engage in combat with other players - these games can also be played in teams in separate modes.

Needless to say, CPS became important almost immediately in all these types of games, when players could simply register hits faster to enemies if they clicked faster.

After the release of Minecraft Java Edition version 1.9, by default, Minecraft added a cooldown to attacks, which negates CPS benefits. PvP servers usually remove this across all Minecraft versions, but if you see a sword icon in your crosshair after your attack, this means any further attacks will have reduced damage to avoid making use of CPS advantages. This was done to make normal Minecraft gameplay, like Survival and Creative game modes, more mainstream, appealing, and accessible.

How many primary CPS techniques are there, and how are they performed?

In many PvP game modes players constantly try to improve their CPS values to have a better experience. Lots of players in the community think it is great to have higher CPS, since competitive players love skill-based mechanics, and the main mechanic of Minecraft PvP is based on CPS because it involves improving and getting better at a skill.

Let's get to reviewing some of these ways to have higher CPS. Other than simply practicing clicking faster, there are many ways to register faster clicks on your mouse.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter Clicking method involves tensing up your arm and wrists muscles which will cause your fingers to vibrate. You don't have to actually click on the mouse with your fingers, just place your fingertips on your mouse as you would normally and tense up the arm you're holding the mouse with - this should start vibrating your arm, and with it, your fingers.

There are two issues with this method. First, with little practice some players have problems aiming properly with their mouse to make a hit on an enemy player in PvP modes, and, in this case, it is equally important to have good aim with your mouse rather than to just increase your CPS. And secondly, for some people this can cause pain or injury due to having to flex your muscles in a weird way - this is individual, but if you feel any pain, you should look into the other methods that we'll cover now.

Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly Clicking involves putting two fingers on a single mouse button and clicking in alternation with both fingers as fast as possible. This essentially doubles your standard clicking speed as it allows you to use and coordinate two fingers.

Drag Clicking

Drag Clicking is when you drag your finger down from the top of the mouse button. This creates friction which basically accidentally tricks the mouse switch to register multiple clicks as you drag your finger down.

Mouse Weight

Using a 130g-weighted mouse can help you control the CPS, enabling quicker and more precise movements. This reduces strain on your hand and enhances overall clicking speed.

With all these methods, remember to also practice your mouse aiming and in-game movement to be better at Minecraft PvP, as they're equally important.

CPS Test Changelog & Miscellaneous

  • Fixed a bug for mobile devices. Added very cool ripple effects for your clicks. Track and save your effective clicks - Update on Dec 14, 2019
  • Added CPS counter chart feature. You can check your CPS Test Score in realtime during the test - Oct 18, 2020
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a blurry ripple effect on Safari browsers - Nov 29, 2020
  • [NEW] Added dark mode support - This CPS Test should now follow the system dark mode toggle.
  • Updated our result page design, check your cps animals now! - Dec 29, 2021
  • New Feature! You can set your local records now! - Jan 15, 2022
  • New Feature! We've added an Easter Egg Game for keyboard players, can you find it? :) - Feb 5, 2022
  • New Feature! We've added some cool music 🎵🎵🎵 Easter Egg, can you find it? :) - Sep 12, 2022
  • New Feature! We've added CPS Challenge game mode. Can you find it? :) - Nov 10, 2022
  • New Feature! We've upgraded CPS Challenge game to 7.6 with lots of new features! - Dec 19, 2022
  • Improved performance on 120Hz Macintosh computers. - Jun 23, 2023
  • Right Click CPS Test - CPS Test for mouse right button is now available! - Jul 24, 2023
  • Ultramarathon mode is now available, thanks to feedback from our loyal user Andy! - Jun 10, 2024

Fun Facts

Boost your reaction time and coordination with our quick click test—it's a fun way to sharpen your cognitive skills! Remember to listen to your body and take a break if you feel any discomfort. Stay safe and enjoy the challenge!


  1. A series of experiments demonstrated that a 5-second train of clicks can speed up an internal clock by about 10%, affecting subjective time perception by about 5 seconds.
  2. Experiments showed that trains of clicks not only accelerate time perception processes but also enhance information processing rates and improve memory performance.


  1. Han-Ming Chen, Chang-Sian Lee, Chih-Hsiu Cheng (2011) The weight of computer mouse affects the wrist motion and forearm muscle activity during fast operation speed task. European Journal of Applied Physiology
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