Tiktok Aesthetic Quiz

Which TikTok Aesthetic Suits You The Most?

Are you a “Dark Academia”? Or maybe a “Grunge”? Take this quiz and find out which TikTok aesthetic suits you the most!

Whether you’re new to TikTok or have been using it for years, we all have our own personal style—but some styles are more popular than others. To help you figure out which TikTok aesthetic fits you best, we’ve created this quiz to help you find out which one is right for you.

Take this quiz and answer honestly. Then, use your newfound knowledge to enhance your fashion sense by finding out your true aesthetic and dress up accordingly!

List of Tiktok Aesthetics Types

Dark Academia

The dark academia aesthetic is characterized by a dark color palette and a focus on cozy, comfortable clothing. It’s all about looking like you’re ready to sip tea in a library while reading a book.But just because you’re an academic doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! When it comes to TikTok, you like to keep things classy and elegant, but also like to get down and dirty when the mood strikes.You love learning about new things, whether it’s a new language or a new culture. You have a thirst for knowledge that can only be satisfied by immersing yourself in foreign languages and cultures. Dark academia is chock-full of perfectly poured lattes, neatly tucked sweater vests and shiny penny loafers.


Cottagecore is all about the fresh air and the rolling green hills of summer. This aesthetic looks to nature, with a focus on frilly white dresses, blue gingham and dainty accessories. If you’re dreaming of the rolling verdant hills of summer and strawberry-speckled fields, cottagecore is for you. Use Zooey Deschanel from 500 Days of Summer as your muse with a mix of Anne of Green Gables. Lovers of the aesthetic look to frilly white dresses, blue gingham and dainty accessories as their staples.


You’re a boss babe who knows exactly what she wants, and you aren’t afraid to get it. You’re all about fun, sparkle and bling—and nothing else. You love pink and pastels, bright colors, floral prints… basically anything that screams "girl power!" You’re totally into the whole Juicy Couture look, but you don’t mind mixing it up with some other brands as well. You’ve got a bit of an edge that makes your look just a bit more fierce than your peers in the Y2K aesthetic—but you still like to keep things fun with cute little charms on your bracelets or necklaces.

Light Academia

Light academia is all about floating through the day with an ethereal feel. The look is sleek and sophisticated—think flowy dresses and tailored blazers in pastel tones. But it can also be playful—think a shirtdress paired with thigh-high socks and sneakers.The best part of this aesthetic? It’s so easy to do at home! Try pairing a classic white button-down with a pair of skinny jeans or even a skirt if you want something more casual. Just make sure to keep your accessories minimal so they don’t compete with your outfit’s overall vibe.


If you’re a fan of the grunge aesthetic, then you know how to make your look stand out. You’ve mastered the art of strategic layering and understand proportions like no one else. You’re not afraid to layer on the accessories and make a bold statement with your outfit—and it works for you! Grunge doesn’t have to be boring—it can be fun! This style is really about finding pieces that feel comfortable for you. If you’re not into big bulky sweaters or oversize jackets like Kurt Cobain was famous for wearing, don’t force yourself into something that feels unnatural for you! Instead try something like a black turtleneck underneath a denim jacket—that’s still grungy but still allows you to express your own personal style!


The Euphoria aesthetic is all about being bold and daring, with an emphasis on the dramatic. It’s a look that’s inspired by Zendaya’s character in Euphoria, who is famous for her purple hair and pink outfits.Think of this aesthetic as the opposite of minimalism: You want to make sure that you’re showing off your personality through your style, not just wearing things that are basic or plain.This look is all about glitter and shimmer, so if you’re someone who loves bright colors and sparkly things, then this aesthetic is perfect for you!


Dreamcore is a popular aesthetic that focuses on the importance of creating your own reality, and living in a way that’s true to yourself. You’re happiest when you’re creating something new and exciting, and you think that the best way to live is by embracing your wildest dreams.You love to see people dressed up in costumes, and you have no problem doing it yourself. If there’s an opportunity for you to wear a costume, you’ll take it! You also love cosplay—the more elaborate the better.You’re into self-expression through fashion too: whether it’s dressing like a princess or wearing bondage wear, you want people to know who you are through what you wear.


If you’re a Fairycore lover, you’re probably a fan of all things whimsical—you live for those moments when you can dress up in something ruffly or fluffy and feel like a real-life Disney princess (even though you know that’s impossible). You love to wear floaty skirts and dresses that look like they’re made out of clouds—and they are! You also love pastel colors because they remind you of springtime flowers blooming in the forest canopy above your head as you walk through your favorite glen.

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