The Positive Personality Test

The Social Positive Personality Test is a psychological test developed by the Arealme team. This test collects and analyzes attractive qualities in work, study, and social life, and describes the results through six relatively independent personality dimensions, so as to help understand your particular character strengths.

Want to know what attractive character traits you have, and what advantages your positive traits can bring to you? Integrity, courage, responsibility, self-discipline... Just answer according to your true thoughts and your actual situation in real life, and the social positive personality test will give you the answer! What are you waiting for, come and try it out!

What is the Positive Personality Test?

The Positive Personality Test has 42 questions for you to help us to discover your positive personality traits. We have a list of traits below for you to read. From your answers, we will, together with our unique radar chart, be able to piece together your positive personality.

Can I use the Positive Personality Test to evaluate others?

Of course, you can answer each question the way you believe the test taker would behave. If your answer to a specific question is uncertain, then you may need to make a subjective guess. The more times you find yourself having to make a guess, the lower the accuracy and credibility. In addition, the so-called behavior you are testing comes only from what you know about this person, so it may only be accurate to a certain degree.

It can be an interesting way for you to see your perception of others. They may even want to do one for you. You can share your results with each other and see how well each of you did. Of course, unless you are taking the test yourself, any answers that are guessed by someone else won’t always be accurate. But it’s a fun exercise to do with friends or family. See how well they know you and how well you know them, making this test a fun sharing experience!

Detailed Explanation of Each Positive Personality Trait


“A man of virtue must be brave, and a man of integrity is never timid.” Integrity and virtue come hand in hand. If you display integrity, you are an honest open book and a trustworthy kind soul. You are tactful with your honesty and those who love you, love you for it. You garner respect with your gentle candidness. You are honest and have nothing to hide, dignified, confident, and determined. Holding yourself to a high level of accountability through your openness. You bring yourself peace of mind and peace to others, you keep promises and help others. Your heart is full of light and strength, and through your integrity, you shine.


You wake up every day with unbridled hope for the future. You are confident in what the universe is going to serve you and you keep the faith. You have a very open-minded way of seeing things and this serves you well, you can fail and see that it's a lesson. You things better for yourself by fueling your drive with your optimism. You know it's going to be okay and you willingly go forwards, surrendering to trust and believing in yourself. You are envied by those who cannot see the glass half full like you do and you succeed with ease.


Love and compassion take hold of your heart and mind. You lead with them both, openly. You can choose love over hate, happiness over sadness, positive over negative. You are fueled by this and see the good in all things. You love hard and you love genuinely. You have a deep affection for happiness and compassion and know that it defeats sadness and heartlessness. You could never be heartless. You love people for who they are and this is returned to you. You emit genuine love and attract this back for yourself in abundance.


You take care, charge, and ownership of your actions and those actions speak louder than words. You dedicate yourself to your tasks because they are yours, you are careful and critical. You are your own master but you are responsible for this knowledge and your abilities. You trust your gut and you take charge, fearlessly, where others may cower away or agree regardless of what they think. You do not. You know it's worth the risk, you have taken risks before, and whether that has paid off or not you have owned your accountability and you survived.


You are a brave soul, courage lives and breathes within you. You have the courage within you and your adversities bring the fire out. Your fierce protection without fear is an admirable quality, one not everyone is fortunate to possess. You use courage as fuel to push you towards your goals and dreams and you succeed because you take on your challenges fearlessly. You are a courageous, brave, and fearless soul and the world is at your fingertips.


You keep pushing and pushing, you’re almost there, you’re so close to your goal and you can almost see it. You think about giving in but you are determined, self-disciplined, and ready. You keep going until you reach your goal. Adversities and temptations join you along the way but you know what to do, you have worked for this and nothing will stop you. You know you are capable of shaping your destiny, you truly believe in yourself, and your determination and proactivity mean your goals are well within your grasp.

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