Political Spectrum Quiz

Where Do You Stand?

In the highly politicized modern world, the terms 'left', 'centrist' and 'right' are thrown around without much explanation as to what they mean. Have you ever wondered where you would fall on the political spectrum?

Read the questions carefully and be honest with your answers!

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Your results suggests that you have a positive view of ideologies that are by their nature bordering on the lines between fascist and nationalist. In political terms, you believe that extreme patriotism and strong family values are the principal means of preserving national identity.

In your mind, traditional gender roles are the engine of a healthy, functional society. On the economic front, you believe that a coherent organization of society by corporate groups and protectionism are the prerequisites of economic security in a highly globalized world.

While you do not necessarily support radical approaches related to race, immigration, nationalism and gender roles, you are still more to the right than the average person. This is reflected in your preference for traditional gender roles to remain unchanged and in your moderate dislike of lax immigration policies.

You believe that the government should have a strict grip on its borders and that the citizens should be the number #1 priority for the state. You have a tough stance on crime and do not favor lenient sentences for those who break the law.

You don’t subscribe to any specific party lines or ideologies. To you, the answers to the most important questions related to public governance are found in pragmatism and moderate policies. As such, you are neither left or right-wing on political or economic matters.

You prefer to determine policies based on the specific circumstances at hand. For example, immigration isn’t either good or bad. Instead, the value of immigration is determined whether or not, for example, your country requires low-skilled workers to compensate for a quickly aging population. With such a pragmatic approach, your positions are flexible and not driven by ideological mantras.

Your answers align with that of a leftist. You view capitalism as a system that puts the most vulnerable segment of the population at a disadvantaged position, thereby failing to deliver a just and fair distribution of wealth in society. A strong welfare state and high corporate taxes are in your mind the solution of equalizing the equality of people in a society.

You are passionate about human rights regardless of origin, as such you support the idea of asylum seekers being accepted into your country. You have don’t believe in a conservative approach to gender roles. Instead, you think that individuals should be allowed to act and behave in a way that they like.

You have a radical stance on the role of the government in a society. In your mind, private property should be restricted or abolished altogether. You consider the capitalist market system as inherently evil. Instead, the government should be in charge of commodity distribution and the economy should be planned by a centrally managed bureaucracy.

Social and economic quality are of utmost importance to you and as such, you believe that central authorities can better meet social and national objectives on all levels of economic activity.

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