Internet Speed Test

Test your internet’s speed and stability by connecting to 50+ global websites. Quick, simple, and private.
Tap the button above to begin checking your internet speed across over 50 leading global websites. Stay on the page while testing—it typically takes less than three minutes to receive a detailed connectivity report from your location to the world.

How Do You Select Websites?

We select a diverse range of websites worldwide, featuring major players such as Google and Facebook, plus more than 30 essential local websites across different nations. This variety gives you a thorough insight into your internet’s speed and reach. The list is periodically updated to stay current.

How Can I Increase Test Accuracy?

Please do not close the page and ensure it remains open in the foreground of your browser (as background tabs may pause network requests) to achieve accurate results. For the most precise outcomes, we recommend conducting several tests.

What is the Browser-Based Internet Speed Test?

The Browser-Based Internet Speed Test is a tool that measures your connection’s download and upload speeds directly within your browser, ensuring quick and accurate results without the need for any software installation.

Is My Privacy Protected While Using This Speed Test?

Absolutely. The speed test guarantees complete privacy as it runs entirely in your browser without storing any personal data, ensuring your testing remains confidential and secure.

Do I Need to Install Any Software to Use This Speed Test?

No installation is necessary. Our speed test is entirely browser-based, making it easily accessible on any device with internet access.

Can This Test Measure the Speed of Both Wired and Wireless Connections?

Yes, the speed test is versatile and capable of measuring the speed of any internet connection, whether it’s wired or wireless, providing you with reliable and comprehensive results.

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