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Pinpoint Your Perfect Makeup Style on the Eight Archetype Coordinate Map!

Dive into the world of beauty with our Eight Archetype Coordinate Map, your personal compass to finding the makeup style that sings to your soul. Here, we blend the art of makeup with the uniqueness of you, guiding you to a look that feels as right as it looks. Get ready to explore, discover, and ultimately reveal the makeup style that’s been waiting just for you.


What is Dear Peachie?

Dear Peachie is a Youtube channel that consolidates and translates beauty and lifestyle content from Chinese social media platforms such as Douyin (TikTok in China) and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) for a Western audience.

What will my quiz outcome look like?

Your results will be illustrated on a quadrant chart. The Y-axis indicates youthfulness at the top and maturity at the bottom, whereas the X-axis shows roundedness to the left and angularity to the right. This visual will clearly show where you fall within these makeup dimensions.

Do I need to change my makeup according to the quiz results?

The quiz offers suggestions to enhance your natural beauty. It encourages experimenting with new looks that make you feel confident and beautiful, aligning with your unique aesthetic preferences.

Is this quiz for everyone?

Absolutely! Whether you’re new to makeup or an experienced enthusiast, our quiz is designed to inspire and inform everyone interested in exploring their makeup style.

What are the eight Markup Style Archetypes?

The eight archetypes are Ingenue, Gamine, Elegant, Natural, Modern, Romantic, Classic, and Dramatic.

This concept was developed by Chinese makeup aficionados and flourished on the social platform Xiaohongshu. Below are the details for each archetype.


Ingenue Makeup Archetype
  • Sweet
  • Delicate
  • Childlike Innocence
  • Young and Fresh
  • Gently Rounded Contours
  • Ethereally Light
  • Playfully Feminine
  • Innocently Alluring
  • Softly Textured

The Ingenue archetype is distinguished by its radiant, youthful allure, portraying an essence of innocence and naivety. This style gracefully incorporates soft, delicate textures and gently rounded shapes, crafting an image that resonates with the pure, unblemished spirit typically attributed to young girls. It’s a celebration of tender beauty, where each element combines to evoke a sense of freshness and delicate charm.


Gamine Makeup Archetype
  • Effortlessly Chic
  • Sharply Edgy
  • Playfully Mischievous
  • Actively Spirited
  • Stylishly Handsome
  • Youthfully Fresh
  • Crisply Tailored
  • Boldly Androgynous
  • Sportively Elegant

The Gamine archetype is all about a playful, spirited charm that blends youthful freshness with a chic, androgynous edge. This style revels in the art of sharp tailoring and crisp, clean lines that exude an air of mischievous sophistication. It’s a blend of masculine and feminine elements that create a uniquely stylish, edgy look. Effortlessly chic, the Gamine style is characterized by its lively, active vibe and a tendency towards neatly tailored, bold fashion statements that are both attractive and refreshingly youthful.


Elegant Makeup Archetype
  • Delicate and Subtle
  • Femininely Graceful
  • Flowing Elegance
  • Softly Harmonious
  • Gentle and Tender
  • Supple Textures
  • Exquisitely Detailed
  • Mild and Soothing
  • Intellectually Refined

The Elegant archetype epitomizes sophistication and grace, weaving femininity with an intellectual allure. It’s characterized by its preference for delicate, flowing fabrics that drape softly, embracing the form with a gentle touch. This style is a harmonious blend of exquisite details and subtle nuances, each contributing to a serene and refined aesthetic. Elegance is expressed through a palette of soft, muted tones and textures that suggest a tender, understated luxury. It’s the embodiment of timeless beauty, radiating a calming, intellectual charm.


Natural Makeup Archetype
  • Simplicity with Elegance
  • Warmly Inviting
  • Effortlessly Relaxed
  • Authentically Plain
  • Unpretentiously Casual
  • Freely Comfortable
  • Maturely Unconstrained
  • Gracefully Unfettered
  • Exotically Distinct

The Natural archetype champions the beauty of simplicity, comfort, and an earthy connection. It embraces a relaxed, effortless approach to style that radiates warmth and authenticity. This style is characterized by its affinity for unpretentious, casual attire that offers freedom and comfort, without sacrificing elegance. Textures and colors draw inspiration from the natural world, creating a look that is both mature and refreshingly free-spirited. It’s a style that speaks to a laid-back, unconstrained lifestyle, inviting a sense of calm and groundedness.


Modern Makeup Archetype
  • Quirkily Eccentric
  • Distinctively Individual
  • Rebelliously Unique
  • Alternately Trendsetting
  • Modernly Avant-Garde
  • Contemporarily Sleek
  • Coolly Detached
  • Cutting-edge Cool
  • Boldly Minimalist

The Modern archetype embodies the spirit of contemporary avant-garde, marked by a distinct sense of individuality and a rebellious streak. This style is for those who stand out from the crowd, embracing modern, sleek designs that reflect a cool, edgy aesthetic. With a penchant for the unique and the unconventional, Modern style mixes eccentric quirks with a fresh, trendsetting approach. It’s a statement of personal rebellion against the ordinary, showcasing a preference for the sleek, the new, and the distinctly contemporary.


Romantic Makeup Archetype
  • Enchantingly Charming
  • Sensually Appealing
  • Glamorously Luxurious
  • Passionately Vibrant
  • Maturely Sophisticated
  • Vividly Striking
  • Opulently Luxurious
  • Boldly Exaggerated
  • Grandly Impressive

Romanticism in style is embodied through an allure that is at once enchanting and sensual, boasting a luxurious flair. This archetype thrives on the vibrancy of passion and the sophistication of maturity, presenting a bold, opulent aesthetic. Glamorous and extravagant, it captivates with vivid colors and striking details that are unafraid to make a statement. The Romantic style is a celebration of feminine curves and lush textures, creating a dramatic, eye-catching look that’s rich in elegance and grandeur.


Classic Makeup Archetype
  • Elegantly Dignified
  • Stylishly Refined
  • Finely Luxurious
  • Nobly Graceful
  • Formally Poised
  • Androgynously Balanced
  • Efficiently Tailored
  • Sturdily Robust
  • Logically Rational

The Classic archetype stands as a paragon of timeless elegance and sophistication, exuding a noble grace and a refined luxury. It represents a balanced blend of masculine and feminine elements, expressed through finely tailored, dignified outfits that radiate a poised, formal aesthetic. This style is characterized by its luxurious simplicity, stylish refinement, and an enduring appeal that transcends fleeting trends. With an emphasis on quality and a preference for understated, mature sophistication, the Classic look embodies a discreet, rational elegance that is both noble and graciously refined.


Dramatic Makeup Archetype
  • Distinctive Temperament
  • Mature Presence
  • Commanding Existence
  • Intense and Compelling
  • Visually Striking
  • Theatrically Bold
  • Grandly Majestic
  • Intensely Vivid
  • Deeply Contrasting

The Dramatic archetype exudes a powerful, compelling presence that demands attention. This style is defined by its bold, theatrical elements, creating a visually striking impact that’s both intense and unforgettable. Mature and sophisticated, it showcases a distinctive temperament that’s unafraid of making a statement. Dramatic style embodies grandeur and majesty, with a flair for the extravagant that captivates and enthralls. It’s for those who command the room, leaving a lasting impression with their audacious and commanding fashion choices.

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