Try and ace this FIFA World Cup trivia quiz, only 5% can

Are you a soccer superfan? You watch all the World Cups and know every team inside out. Well, let's put that knowledge to the test in our Soccer Trivia Quiz. This quiz focuses on the famous FIFA World Cup knowledge and includes 15 questions with multiple answers. For every question you get right, you score 6-8 points. The closer you score to 100, the more World Cup knowledge you know and presumably, the bigger fan you are. This quiz will cover all topics World cup related. Topics include; teams, players, winners of the World Cup, exact dates and more.

The FIFA World Cup or commonly referred to as the World Cup is an international soccer competition for men. This global competition is beloved by everyone especially those super soccer fans. In 1930 the world was first introduced to the FIFA soccer World Championship, however, it stopped for a period of time from 1942 to 1946 because of the Second World War. So far there have been a grand total of 21 World Cup tournaments which have been won by 8 different countries.The FIFA World Cup is one of the most widely viewed and followed events globally. It is also a very prestigious competition and only the best of the best will be playing.

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