Why Am I Single Quiz

Have you ever wondered why you're not in a relationship yet? Most of us get stuck in the same position anytime we meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend and feel like it just won't work out. You're tired of your singledom, and are trying everything to find that perfect person for you. But it hasn't worked so far. What should you do? Take this test to identify what exactly is holding you back from finding true love.

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself when you're single. Am I too picky? What is my deal breaker? Why does everyone else seem to be in a relationship except for me? One of the first things people like to do when they're single is taken these online quizzes, right? So, you haven't found the right person yet, but it's ok! Take some time and check over this quiz. It will help you figure out why you're single.


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