Delayed Gratification Test

Delayed gratification is the process when someone tries to resist the temptation to do something in the present in exchange for a bigger reward in the future. Everyone has their own approach to this: some people prefer a small piece of cake today instead of three full cakes in a week. Knowing how to delay pleasure to serve a more important goal is considered by psychologists to be a major character skill!

It is worth noting that delayed gratification is not simply learning how to suppress immediate desires, but rather the ability to overcome immediate difficulties and achieve long-term goals. Have you wondered how good you are at resisting temptation? Take our delayed gratification test and find out!

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My life attitude is:

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My life attitude: Nothing can shake my determination, so everything is within my control! I am the master of my own universe!
My life attitude: if I decide to do something, I follow through and do it! I never give up on my plans!
My life attitude: my goal is to define a target and accomplish it as fast and accurately as possible! I rarely ever give up!
My life attitude: I like setting goals for myself and being determined, but sometimes I still fail.
My life attitude: Don't plan too much as life is too complex to predict everything! Enjoy the moment!
My life attitude: Just live by the moment, don't overthink stuff and take life too seriously!
Iron mind
Firm mind
Goal-oriented mind
Disciplined student
Living in the moment
Carpe diem