What Kind Of Aggressive Person Are You?

People think being aggressive is either swearing or physically attacking someone. In fact, there are many different ways to be aggressive. Some people are irritated or lose their temper by unimportant issues and lash out on people, they often regret it afterwards. While some appear to be harmless, they can be careless or absent minded not even knowing that they are hurting the people around them. Finally, there are people who get mad at themselves for simple mistakes.

If the aggression is not released, it will hurt you. This test does no judgement if overall aggression is good or bad, but to help you understand what kind of aggressive person you are. Take the test as honestly and openly as you can to further understand your aggression. Come and take the test, you can be the first to understand your aggression and hopefully help someone else understand...

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Your Aggression is made in this way:

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