Hearing Age Test

How Old is Your Hearing?

This is a hearing test. It will tell you how old your ears are and reveal your hearing range. The average range for humans is about 20Hz - 20,000Hz.

If you are wearing a headset, please adjust your volume to a lower level. We suggest you try this test a few times before you settle on the result - make sure the volume is set to a proper level to avoid damage to your ears.

*Warning: If you’re taking this test for the first time, please turn down the volume. You may take this test as many times as you like. Just make sure the sound doesn't hurt your ears.

What is the normal hearing frequency range?

Humans can generally sense sounds at frequencies between 20Hz to 22000Hz — although this range shrinks as a person ages.

Hearing frequency range by age

According to the formula:
  • age ≈ 110 - frequency / 200
  • frequency ≈ 200 * (110 - age)
A simple age/frequency chart:
AgeHighest hearble audible frequency (Hz)
9-2417200 - 20200
25-4413200 - 17200
45-649200 - 13200
65+< 9000

Is this hearing test reliable?

Yes if you’re not on a very old device.. Here is why:

Unlike many other hearing tests or videos (for instance “echalk hearing test”), we’re not just playing some MP3 files or videos. We designed and developed this hearing test with our all efforts. The sound you hear is programmatically generated by a specific technology (Electronic oscillator) from audio components of modern hardware in real-time. That means the audio frequency comes from an accurate source should your hardware support such technology. According to our research, this test works on most modern computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. However, if you’re looking for medical advice, please go to a hospital and never rely on any online test.

We also update this page regularly so if you’re interested in this hearing test, feel free to bookmark it.

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