Number Memory Test


The Number Memory Test is a simple memory game. All you need to do is to remember the numbers you see in each round and repeat the sequence from 1 to the greatest number after they disappear. There are 3 game modes: Rookie, Medium and Professional. There are 9 rounds for the Rookie level, 18 rounds for the Medium level and 30 rounds for the Professional level. In each game mode, you will face a rising challenge: the further you are into the game, the harder the challenges - You'll have more numbers to remember and less time to see them.

As of Feb 18, 2022, the average score of this test is 10.9. As confirmed by our brain experts, more practice equals better results. Playing this game also improves your memory capabilities.

What is Number Memory Test?

The Number Memory Test, devised by John A. Kevin from, is a memory challenge where players recall number sequences. There are three levels: Rookie (5 rounds), Medium (18 rounds), and Professional (30 rounds). As players advance, they encounter more numbers and shorter viewing times. For higher scores, opt for the Professional difficulty.

Who Created The Number Memory Test?

The test was designed by John A. Kevin, founder of He is a seasoned web developer with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology.

To achieve a high score in the Number Memory Test:

  1. Choose the Professional Level: This level offers the most rounds, providing more opportunities to earn points.
  2. Understand the Scoring System: Each round completed successfully gives you one point. The maximum possible scores for each level are 5 (Rookie), 18 (Medium), and 30 (Professional).
  3. Practice and Focus: Continuously practicing will hone your memory skills, making it easier to remember the sequences as they grow in length.
  4. Benchmark Yourself: As of August 8, 2023, the average score for participants at the Professional level is 13.9. Aim to surpass this average to rank among the top players.

Stay patient, and with consistent practice, you’ll likely see improvement in your scores!

Fun facts about the number memory test:

In short-term memory tasks, especially with numbers or spatial patterns, some chimpanzees outperform humans. Experiments revealed that young chimps can quickly recall the order and position of numbers displayed briefly on a screen, outpacing adult humans. While humans excel in many cognitive areas, chimps have an edge in specific memory tasks, though the reasons are still being researched. Here are two captivating videos you won't want to miss out on watching:

Video from BBC Earth:

Video from New Scientist:

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