Which Movie Villain Are You?

In every story there is an antagonist, a psychopath, sociopath, a social outcast, or just a wronged individual with a vendetta. We root against them as they try to undermine the hero of the story, and often we’ll find ourselves loving to hate them as they do awful things on screen. The best villains, however, are enthralling in their own right. When done right, we can be either intrigued and/or sympathize with where they are coming from.

It is the presence of these villain roles that, set against the protagonists, give us the conflicts that drive the story. Most of them have prominent character traits with a clear belief system, though probably not a very popular one. They are often the catalysts for the growth and coming of age of the protagonists. Which villains have stolen the show for you, and which ones do you feel for the most? Take this quiz to see what villainous movie character you would be.

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