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How Fast Can You Click From ONE to FIFTY?

1 to 50 is a classic challenge on desktop or mobile devices to test your “reaction time”, “hand-eye coordination” and “mouse click or tap skills”. Only 1% of people can ace the test in 20 seconds! To be a great pro-gamer, you need to complete the challenge in at least 30 seconds. Please don’t waste your time to become a pro-gamer if you can’t do better than 50 seconds.

After the challenge, you’ll be able to view your detailed stats for every click/tap. You may also compare your Top 10 records with your latest challenge by each click interval! We’ve also brought a cool piano pitch effect to this challenge. Let’s go!

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High Score Records

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  1. The records are all stored locally on your own computer. We don’t store any of your data.
  2. We are looking for high score records. Please ping us with your Youtube video link at admin@arealme.com if you have filmed your awesome plays. We are happy to share your video after checking out :)

Current World Record by 🇰🇷 유의

Check out the updated 1-50 World Record set by 유의 from 🇰🇷 South Korea. He has also provided a tutorial on how to score high in the game. Although the tutorial is in Korean, you can easily follow along by using YouTube's built-in auto-translate feature for the captions. Enjoy!

Previous World Records VIdeos

  • Video by 🇺🇦 Kilyandra
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