Reading Speed Test

Can you read more than 500 words per minute?

The Reading Speed Test or Speed Reading Test, is a test to find out how fast you can read English content.

Please select a style that you are comfort with, then start reading an entry. After finishing reading and make sure you've totally understand what it's about, click the Done button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average reading speed for adults?

The average reading speed for adults is about 150 to 250 words per minute. This rate can vary depending on the material's complexity and the reader's familiarity with the topic.

How does reading speed vary by age?

Reading speed typically increases with age and experience. Children often start with slower reading speeds, which improve as they grow older and gain more proficiency. Teenagers may average around 250 words per minute, and adults can maintain or improve upon this speed into middle age before it may start to decline in later years.

What factors can influence reading speed?

Several factors can influence reading speed, including the reader's familiarity with the language, the complexity of the text, the purpose of reading, and the reader's cognitive abilities. External factors such as lighting and distractions can also affect how quickly one reads.

What are some effective strategies to improve reading speed?

To improve reading speed, practice regular reading, focus on expanding vocabulary, and use techniques like skimming and scanning for less critical materials. Training on eye movement and minimizing subvocalization (reading aloud in your head) can also help increase speed without sacrificing comprehension.

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