Which the Hunger Games Character Are You?

The Hunger Games was set in a country in North America called “Panem.” It was about a very unique game, the Hunger Games! Each year, each of the 12 districts has to give a male and a female age 12-18 as tributes to participate in the deathmatch games. The government uses this method to keep its power and order. Only one survivor win and live on.

The series of movies were well received and had great performances at the box office. They were directed by Gary Ross, Francis Lawrence, etc. The movies were based on the Hunger Games novels written by American writer Suzanne Collins. It was about being strong and fearless, about friendships and family, and about love. If you are in this cruel world, will you be a victor or will you be eliminated? Come and find out which character you are.

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In the Hunger Games, you are:

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