Which Anime Character Are You?

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Embark on an exciting journey with our anime personality quiz, carefully curated by true enthusiasts. Our quiz explores your unique traits to pair you with a renowned anime character that mirrors your qualities. We’ve meticulously selected a diverse pool of 32 characters, ensuring an accurate match.

Whether you’re a lively adventurer or a strategic genius, we have the perfect anime alter ego waiting for you. Are you ready to meet yours in the vibrant world of anime? Let’s find out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine which anime character matches my personality?

We utilize a 16-type personality model to analyze your answers and match you with an anime character that best represents your traits.

What happens if I’m not familiar with the character or the anime they’re from?

No worries! We’ll provide a brief overview of the character and share insights into your personality traits. This way, even if you’re not a fan of the anime, you’ll still gain a better understanding of yourself. Plus, you can check out the list below to see which characters could potentially show up in your results.

Can I retake the quiz if I’m not happy with my outcome?

Absolutely! Feel free to answer the questions differently to explore other possible matches. Your mood can affect your answers, so why not try the quiz again?

Do I need extensive knowledge of anime to participate?

Not at all! Our quiz is designed to be accessible, regardless of how much you know about anime. The questions focus on your personality rather than your anime expertise, so feel free to dive in!

Statistical Data

CharacterOriginResult %
MugenSamurai Champloo2.55%
Shoto TodorokiMy Hero Academia3.85%
Edward ElricFullmetal Alchemist3.25%
LDeath Note5.60%
GokuDragon Ball1.55%
Eren YeagerAttack on Titan3.85%
Naruto UzumakiNaruto2.90%
Izuku MidoriyaMy Hero Academia2.95%
Roy MustangFullmetal Alchemist2.15%
Levi AckermanAttack on Titan3.95%
VegetaDragon Ball3.85%
Lelouch vi BritanniaCode Geass3.85%
Tanjiro KamadoDemon Slayer2.25%
Shinji IkariNeon Genesis Evangelion5.30%
KaminaGurren Lagann2.55%
Itachi UchihaNaruto2.95%
Asuka Langley SoryuNeon Genesis Evangelion1.70%
RevyBlack Lagoon2.90%
BulmaDragon Ball2.35%
ShiroNo Game No Life3.85%
Yuno GasaiFuture Diary4.85%
Touka KirishimaTokyo Ghoul3.35%
Yui HirasawaK-On!1.70%
Hinata HyugaNaruto3.95%
Noelle SilvaBlack Clover1.70%
Riza HawkeyeFullmetal Alchemist3.35%
Mikasa AckermanAttack on Titan2.90%
Motoko KusanagiGhost in the Shell3.50%
Orihime InoueBleach1.95%
Sakura HarunoNaruto1.55%
Momo YaoyorozuMy Hero Academia1.55%
Homura AkemiPuella Magi Madoka Magica5.50%
Sampled 5% from Google Analytics Reports in Jul 2023 and Aug 2023.
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