Color Hue Test

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Most people see color differently. However, not everyone can detect subtle differences in colors. How good are your eyes at seeing subtle changes in colors? Challenge yourself in this test to see how excellent your eyesight is.

Rule: Drag and drop the boxes to arrange them in proper sequence according to the color hue pattern from the first to the last.

What is Color Hue Test?

A Color Hue Test or a Hue Test is a test to detect your color vision deficiency. It can be also used to benchmark your ability of seeing colors with subtle differences.

How do I take your color hue test?

Click the Start button, and you’ll challenge 16 levels, from easy to hard. There are serval boxes on each level with specific background colors. Please drag and drop the boxes to arrange them in proper sequence according to the color hue pattern from the first to the last./p>

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Color Hue Test Global Top Player Statistic

RankCountry / Top 3% playersAvg. Score
1🇬🇧 United Kingdom97.8
2🇨🇦 Canada97.5
3🇧🇷 Brazil97.5
4🇷🇺 Russia97.5
5🇫🇮 Finland97.5
6🇸🇬 Singapore97.5
7🇮🇹 Italy97.5
8🇫🇷 France97.4
9🇮🇱 Israel97.3
10🇦🇺 Australia97.3
11🇨🇱 Chile97.3
12🇲🇽 Mexico97.2
13🇩🇰 Denmark97.2
14🇷🇴 Romania97.1
15🇵🇱 Poland97.1
16🇯🇵 Japan97.0
17🇩🇪 Germany97.0
18🇳🇴 Norway96.9
19🇵🇹 Portugal96.9
20🇸🇪 Sweden96.9
21🇺🇸 United States96.7
22🇧🇪 Belgium96.6
23🇳🇱 Netherlands96.6
24🇹🇭 Thailand96.6
25🇰🇷 South Korea96.6
26🇲🇾 Malaysia96.3
27🇱🇹 Lithuania96.3
28🇪🇸 Spain96.2
29🇹🇷 Turkey96.2
30🇮🇪 Ireland96.1
31🇨🇭 Switzerland95.6
32🇳🇿 New Zealand95.4
33🇮🇳 India95.4
34🇺🇦 Ukraine94.8
35🇮🇩 Indonesia94.7
36🇵🇭 Philippines94.2
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