Which City in Australia is for You?

Which city in Australia should I live in?

With a breathtaking coastline that goes on for 50,000 km, mesmerizing coral reefs, and terrains ranging from rainforests to deserts, Australia is an ideal place to travel for both the curious nature explorer and the sunbathing vacationer. More than a few tourists have expressed the desire to set up camp permanently in the island country after just a short stay and you might just agree with them. But should you settle down beachside, forest-side, or desert-side? Find out which city is the best fit for you in Australia by taking this test!

We will analyze your lifestyle, work habits, and attitudes based on your answers to this test and return with the city in Australia that fits your personality the best. You might be surprised!

The city in Australia that is most suitable for you to live in is:

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